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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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evaluating the full extent of her injuries. she has pain in her knee, hip and also her shoulder. as the family of the child struggles to cope with their loss, the couple suspected in the deadly accident made their first appearance in court. the couple entered not guilty pleas. prosecutors say rodriguez was driving the suv owned by rosas people. bail for rodriguez was set at $250,000. and rosas alvarez is accused of trying to cover up the incident. her bail was set at $7,500. another slashing in the city. this time, the victim was a worker at a dunkin' donuts. slashings and stabbings the number has gone up this year. as of yesterday morning, there had been 657 attacks, up more than 22% over last year. cbs 2's tracee carrasco live in kingsbridge with more on this tracee.
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woman was working in the walkup window of this dunkin' donuts here on east kingsbridge road when police say a homeless man with a lengthy criminal history reached through the window and slashed her face. the slashing happened around 5:45 this morning. the 35-year-old victim noticed the suspect ronald thompson loitering inside dunkin' donuts and asked him to leave. police say the suspect left but returned and then during an argument he slashed the worker on the left side of her face. it's unclear how badly she was injured. but she was taken to an area hospital in stable condition. the suspect was arrested at the scene and we have learned he has 31 prior arrests. a witness inside the store at the time described the bloody scene. >> it was horrific! okay? when i saw the girl, she clutched her cheek to close the gash. it was not a pretty sight. >> reporter: a similar attacked
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january 4. a mcdonald's employee was stabbed to death by a homeless person who overstayed his welcome in the bathroom n these types of situations, the nypd wants people to call for help before taking matters into their own hands. >> we would encourage anybody in the restaurant business at all or commercial location to immediately call the police if you have this issue and not to address this person by yourselves. >> reporter: again, that suspect was arrested. he is in police custody at the 52nd police precinct. live tonight from the kingsbridge section of the bronx, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. the city is unveiling a plan to add extra police patrols to prevent slashings in the subways but is it enough to stop attacks on the street? marcia kramer coming up at 6:00 "demanding answers" from the mayor. now to campaign 2016.
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sees no path forward to the nomination and dropped out of tomorrow's debate. 2012 republican presidential nominee plans a major speech on this year's race. cbs 2's dick brennan reports. >> reporter: romney will speak tomorrow at the university of utah amid major concerns among party leaders that donald trump is on the way to securing the nomination. it's not clear what romney will have to say but sources say he has no plans to get in the race or endorse another candidate. meantime other republicans say the antitrump sentiment is not about the so-called establishment stepping in. >> i never consider myself part of any establishment. but the views he is taking, the statements he is making, have really nothing in common with the republican party. >> reporter: romney had called trump's relucks at&t to disavow the -- reluctance to disavoid the kkk over the weekend disgusting an said he had to go. >> senator you seem to be saying that hillary clinton will beat donald trump. >> i'm not saying that. i am saying that like a drum. >> reporter: but other republicans say trump voters
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republicans are all, you know, bedwetting over this and they don't seem to understand that we have an election! >> reporter: trump seemed like he wanted to bring the party together. >> i think we're going to be more inclusive and more unified and i think we are going to be a much bigger part and i think we're going to win in november. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton beat bernie sanders in seven of eleven states. >> what a super tuesday! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: but sanders who rallied today in maine is optimistic. >> we can win here if there is a large voter turnout. please vote! >> reporter: now, the vermont senator raised $12 million more than clinton in the last month. and by the way, guys, no response yet from donald trump about the romney speech. we are keeping an eye on twitter where things pop up. >> they do! >> so romney's folks say he is not considering running at this time. >> reporter: there's that's what sources say right now. it would seem that he just wants to get his two cents in which he already has but i think there's going to be more
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>> yes. >> coming. >> all eyes on the party. >> yes. >> thank you, dick. all right. other news now. a former nypd officer has died of a shootout with a suspect in a dallas suburb. officer david hoffer worked for the nypd for five years before moving to texas. investigators say he yesterday responded to a call of shots fired at a park near an elementary school. the suspect opened fire, hoffer was hit. he died during surgery. other officers shot and killed the suspect. some scary moments after a panera bread on long island this morning. the restaurant at the walt whitman shop was evacuated because of a carbon monoxide leak. 7 people were hospitalized. investigators traced that leak to a menussed at a nearby construction site. back in 2014, a legal seafoods restaurant at the same site was demolished after a deadly carbon monoxide leak. suffolk county police
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of today's leak was not the same as the legal seafoods incident. another scare today involving children in new jersey. firefighters and police raced to south amboy elementary school to help students. 23 children were hospitalized because of an unusual odor. they will be okay. two classrooms were closed as a precaution. health news now. ovarian cancer in the news tonight. it strikes about 20,000 women every year. 14,000 die because the disease is found too late. cbs 2's dr. max gomez says now a new report is shedding light on how doctors might be able to catch it earlier and also treat it better. >> reporter: one of the most interesting findings in this report is that ovarian cancer is actually many different diseases and may not even originate in the ovaries! so doctors have started to classify all cancers not by where they happen to be found
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molecular markers, which will also determine the best treatment. hollywood scriptwriter dana brings characters to life on tv. now she is telling her own story, advanced stage cancer. >> it's frightening. >> reporter: a new report says ovarian cancer is different types of cancers that often start in the uterus or fallopian tubes. >> the ovary itself is such a fertile area for the cells to implant with lots of blood vessels and nutrients, that they don't actually begin on the ovary but they actually me it'ssty size to the ovary. >> reporter: the report from the national academy awards of science, engineering and medicine say understanding these cancers is critical for early detection and treatment. the report also calls for more universal genetic testing for all women with ovarian cancer and their families. >> as far as i know, there's no family history. >> reporter: she did carry a gene that put her at risk. but like many women, her symptoms were not specific or
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including bloating and lingering abdominal pain. four years laters later, she is in remission. >> i'm happy to be here. >> reporter: she hopes research will change the odds for ovarian cancer survivors. >> now, the so-called breast cancer gene brca1 and 2 put women at higher risk for ovarian cancer. and while there are good ways to detect early breast cancer, that's not the case for ovarian cancer. that's why many doctors say removal of the ovaries in women with those mutations can save lives. the other report called for better early detection techniques. we don't have anything that really works well for ovarian cancer at this point. >> certainly need it. >> yes, absolutely. >> thank you. the supreme court heard arguments today in a case that could determine how states regulate abortion. this case centers around a texas law. it requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. clinics are also required to
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surgical centers. supporters of the law rallied outside the court today and critics of the law say it was designed to close abortion clinics. >> we remain optimistic that the court is going to see these requirements for what they are a sham designed to limit women's abortion access. >> this is all about women's health and quality of care for whatever kind of decision they choose to make. >> it is a divided court with a vacancy left by last month's death of justice antonin scalia. alyson justice kennedy. he could be the swing -- all eyes are on justice kennedy. he could be the swing vote. if there's a tie, the lower court ruling remains in place in texas. it's cold outside right now. that cold air is setting the stage for a bit of snow. i'll tell you how much coming up. >> also coming up, bring your own bag. the new effort to ban plastic at some local stores.
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anything. i felt like i was invincible. >> a growing problem in the suburbs. how one simple injury sent this man from high school athlete to addict. >> killed over drag-racing. the new information about a would-be baseball star killed in a fast food parking lot. >> plus the custody battle between madonna and her ex-
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we'll be right back. attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today.
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breaking news now out of brooklyn. an elderly man taken to the hospital after being hit by a alice gainer reports from bensonhurst. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, police say a 70-year- old man on his motorized scooter was hit late this afternoon. that's the scooter there in the distance behind that police officer. damaged. barricades. there's other debris in the road. we're here at the corner of 85th and 25th avenue. police say this happened around 3:46 this afternoon.
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turning on 85th street from 25th avenue. the driver of that car took off. the 70-year-old man, we are teal, was taken to lincoln hospital in critical condition. they are currently looking for the drive at this time. police do have the roads in the area closed off so if you are driving through this area. be aware of that. if anyone has information, give police a call. live in bensonhurst, brooklyn, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. new at 5:00 now, madonna's custody battle with her ex- husband guy ritchie, in court today listening via speaker phone. father in london. in january the child didn't return to his mother in new judge. madonna's lawyer says the decision was a reckless move. the judge said she would not enforce the order. suffolk county lawmakers would i like to ban plastic bags in stores.
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consumers to shift to reusable paper bags. magdalena doris says if passed, suffolk would become the first county in the state to ban plastic. >> reporter: years of study show that plastic bags not disposed of properly not only pollute but pose a choking threat to wildlife. now a suffolk legislate ton says it's time to get them out shopping carts. >> they have an impact on our drinking water. they block sewers and drains. they get trapped in our sewer treatment plants. and they're not necessary. >> reporter: spencer's bill would require shoppers to bring their own reusable bags, i like to canvas one, or pay 10 cents for each paper bag. retailers would be required to off them instead. >> i think it's a good idea. it takes 10 years for the bag to dissolve in a landfill. >> i don't mind if they get rid of the plastic bags. but i think 10 cents for a paper bag is a bit much.
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specifically crafted to change public behavior meaning that the public will learn how to bring our own bags to the store. >> reporter: environmentalists say the organization surveyed more than 600 county residents and found more than 80% supported a ban. but a spokesman for plastic bag manufacturers says, quote, it makes no sense to ban an incredibly useful reusable and 100% recyclable product that supports more than 24,000 jobs nationwide. some consumers say reusable bags or paper don't work as well to prevent cross- contamination from bacteria. >> that's not going to help with leaky chicken package. that's where i need plastic. and that's where i need it separate from the other food. >> reporter: those in the minority call it the death 1,000 cuts for the consumer. the proposal's first public hearing is set for march 22. in suffolk county, magdalena doris, cbs 2 news.
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enacted bans or fees on plastic bags. similar measure this is new york city have repeatedly failed. but backers will try again. a long island town has voted to stop new ecigarette stores from opening for business. last night, officials in lindenhurst approved a moratorium on new "vaping" lounges, hookah bars and marijuana dispensaries. the authorities say too many health questions are unanswered. the village wants to attract more family-friendly businesses. vap shop owners say their products are safe and misunderstood. dozens have opened recently on long island's south shore. as the heroin epidemic rages across the country, high school athletes are becoming addicted in alarming numbers. sports injuries lead to pain medications and that can be the beginning of a downward spiral. kenneth craig visit a treatment center in garcon, new york, near west point where some young athletes go for help. >> i wanted to open a business. >> reporter: 24-year-old robert king is struggling to
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promising life fell to pieces. >> i felt like i could do anything. i felt like i was invincible. >> reporter: he was a high school wrestler. but when he broke his foot, his doctor prescribed the addictive painkiller percocet. >> once i started taking pills i never really stopped. >> reporter: in just a few years, he moved on to the cheaper alternative, heroin. it's a trend seen all across the country. one study shows adolescent injuries in high injury sports are 50% more likely to abuse jason started taking painkillers after injuring his knee during college football practice. did your doctor warn you about how powerful they are. >> reporter: he had an accidental heroin overdose. >> it left me homeless on the streets. >> reporter: both former athletes found treatment and support at st. christopher's inn which runs one of new
5:19 pm
the director says a quarter of the residents are athletes. >> these medication, they mask the pain they do nothing to treat the actual injury. so it often times worsens the injury creating the need for more medications so they become addicted. >> reporter: robert's brother was an addict, as well. >> were you trying to help him or trying to get him help? >> actually, he was trying to help me. and, um, he did. [ crying ] >> he got me to, um, get into recovery in the first place. >> reporter: just weeks ago his brother died of a heroin overdose. robert says that is now his inspiration for staying clean. kenneth craig, cbs news, garrison, new york. >> among 18 to 25-year-olds, heroin use has more than doubled in the last decade. all right. let's talk about our weather now and lonnie is here with a surprise or not? it's snow. that's what about, lonnie? >> we're not done with winter yet and it's brewing out there but not really in our area.
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guys, look at that picture. you're cold yes at 39 degrees but you're cloud-free. you need clouds to have snow. there are clouds out there but again, we're cloud-free. west and north of us, you can see that deck of clouds. within the clouds you have snow showers and some snow flurries out there. that's really more like lake- effect. i'm not really worried about that. what i'm keeping my eye on is what i see out around places like omaha, nebraska. this low pressure system is going to be moving in our direction. but really, the low will shoot just south of our area. we are going to get clipped by the northern fringe of it. here comes that system. watch it. watch it. watch -- watch it. here we go. the bulk of it is offshore south and east of us. 11 p.m. cape may snow showers. i think for our area it will be midnight or later. 8 a.m. slick spots for the morning drive tomorrow morning on the commute. then you get to the afternoon hours and you're still dealing
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i think some of this accumulates in our area. a trace maybe two inches or more in some spots but not a lot of snow. potentially more south of the area, east of the area, if you do not pick up any mixing at all. whether you get mixing or not, this is going to be a wet snow because temperatures will be above freezing. high temperature tomorrow 38 degrees. kristine and maurice, back to you guys. >> thank you. a 12-year-old from long island wants to erase one word from your vocabulary. and her brother's disability is the inspiration behind her mission. >> plus, a suspect accused of hitting an off-duty police officer and taking off but today in court we learned some new information about what may
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night. all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there.
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governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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coming up at 6:00, calls for governor chris christie to resign from office. the fallout from his trump endorsements. arizona new approval poll -- a new approval poll and the video on the internet. the doctor charged with attacking a boy on a ski slope appears before a judge. we are there with what happened in the courtroom at 6:00. at 5:00, a sixth grader from long island wants to be part of a national cause. >> she hopes that the first wednesday of every march will
5:25 pm
and gain another. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan explains from bay shore. >> reporter: this 12-year-old girl is on a campaign of kindness inspired by her 7- year-old handicapped brother >> my brother has special needs. he has cerebral palsy. and i lots of times in my school and even from my teachers, i heard people using the "r" word. it's not fair that they talk about like he is not equal to them because everyone is equal. >> reporter: the campaign to end the "r" word, retard, or retarded, has taken hold in her brightwaters community where they are signing banners and posters. she posted the video on youtube. >> stop using the "r" word. even famous people like lebron james used the "r" word but realized they were wrong and
5:26 pm
>> she came with an idea to the student counsel of banning the "r" word and has done a tremendous job with the message. >> have them sign a giant banner. >> reporter: what does it mean to have the support of your teachers and your classmates? >> it means a lot because they care enough to get everyone they can educated and involved with this. >> and your goals and dreams when you grow up? >> stop use of the "r" word and other words that are hurtful. >> there are trillions of thousands of words out there that you can use so you don't have to pick the word retarded. please pledge today and stop the "r" word. [ music ] this is my life song >> reporter: she wants to end that word and replace it with another "r" word, talk, think and write with respect. from bay shore, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> several other nearby districts are pledging to help promote respect. >> great "r" word.
5:27 pm
little girl, right? >> starting early. >> good for her. coming up, it was a murder mystery for several months but now police think they know who is behind the death of a young man who was headed for a pro baseball career. the new information is next. >> also, half a dozen robberies could they be the work of the same crime team? >> forget about the forecast. come inside and see what's blooming already and what you can plant right now! vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza . for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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police in yonkers make arrests in the murder of a well-known local baseball player who was headed to the pros. good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> welcome back to the broadcast. i'm kristine johnson. police say those under arrest liked to drag race and they say the murder of michael nolan was a revenge killing. cbs 2's lou young has the story from yonkers. >> mike just loved to have fun. that's his little brothers playing. these guys -- his brothers, we're all heartbroken. [ crying ] >> reporter: still awash in grief, jimmy stood in the yonkers police department showing us a photo album with pictures of his murdering son the once promising professional baseball prospects four months since michael nolan was killed in a
5:31 pm
suspect under arrest. it was a drag-racing beef and fight between two groups hours earlier that led to the attack. >> we can say that michael nolan was present during the dispute that occurred on tuckahoe road as i said earlier. >> reporter: but you don't know if he was a target? >> no, i cannot say that. >> reporter: cops say 17-year- old nashaun hunter of the bronx was the shooter firing from the back seat of a car. 22-year-old garth cole was the alleged wheel man, 18-year-old darren dawson and 23-year-old tejmitrah singh were passengers. two detectives built the case on scant physical evidence with a score of uncooperative witnesses. >> tough in the beginning. once people began to cooperate, the wall started to fall and it became easier. one. they worked day and night. >> reporter: the victim's broken. michael was the laugh, michael was the heart. >> it is a difficult time for us. a lot to take in because we have actually had to see faces today.
5:32 pm
use of social media postings in tracking the four suspects, who will be arraigned thursday in white plains. the alleged shooter could get 25 years to life, the others up to 25 years if convicted. in yonkers lou young, cbs 2 news. >> the driver accused of killing an off-duty nypd officer in a hit-and-run pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say william espinal-mejia struck vincent harrison as the officer stood on the shoulder of the new jersey turnpike in elizabeth sunday. then mejia drove away. his defense attorney says mejia stop to help but saw a tractor-trailer start as to jackknife and he left because it was dangerous. officer harrison was pulled over because he had been involved in a fender-bender. a robbery spree has gas stations in the city on edge. the thieves just hit 7
5:33 pm
cbs 2's hazel sanchez spoke with two of the victims. >> reporter: the two masked robbers walked into a gas station in east elmhurst demanding money. what was going through your mind with a gun put up to you? >> i scared. i scared. >> reporter: the robbery happened around 4:00 friday morning. the owner was working with his nephew. both were held at gunpoint. >> had a gun right here and push it back and other guy like take me here and we hand -- hand the [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he said he emptied the cash register then as the surveillance video shows one suspect grabbed several packs of cigarettes before taking off. >> i was so scared, he open the door, i open the door. >> reporter: police believe the same two men robbed this gulf gas station on hillside avenue and queens boulevard that same morning less than two hours earlier and investigators say they could be responsible for at least five other gas station robberies in queens and brooklyn.
5:34 pm
february 20th at a mobile gas station in jamaica. then the robbers hit four more gas stations on sunday the 21st. two in east williamsburg, one in bushwick and another in cypress hills. this is surveillance video from the hillside avenue gulf. it shows one suspect wearing the same hoodie and blue gloves he was seen at the east elmhurst station wearing. the worker is nervous coming to work with a suspect still on the loose. they say they will have some peace of mind once these men are caught. in east elmhurst, queens, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas is docked in bayonne after cutting another trip short. last month it was in a severe storm off the coast of north carolina. this time it was scheduled to rush from a southern caribbean cruise on friday. but following new policy, the
5:35 pm
earlier to avoid another storm. a spokesman also said that 116 guests experienced symptoms of norovirus. after a year in space astronaut scott kelly returned to earth landing in kazakhstan with two russian cosmonauts. last march he went to the international space station where he conducted experiments to study the effects of long durations in space. the amount of time he was at the international space station he could have gone gone mars. >> it was a long time. it felt like i was up there my whole life after the first six months which is a normal increment. normal increment is six times. that's a long time. so a year is really long. >> kelly will be in houston tonight aboard a nasa jet. he looks good. >> he does for spending a whole year up there. >> wonder what that must feel like. you must be out of kilter. >> wonder how the body feels
5:36 pm
ship you have the sea legs. imagine being up in space? >> i have enough trouble flying cross-country. [ laughter ] >> whoo. glad that's over. >> but welcome home. >> absolutely. well done. a reality star gets ready for life behind bars what advice is joe guidice getting from his wife? that's ahead. >> also a runner proves that age really is just a number. how he is still crossing marathon finish lines at the ripe young age of 96. today in history, in 1962, wilt chamberlain made nba history by scoring 100 points in a game against the new york
5:37 pm
>> that record still stands. when 61,000 sets of eyes look at health care differently, a hospital curtain can be more than just a curtain. so we invented a new one, that reduces the spread of infection. in every one of our 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities, we're not just looking to raise our standard, but the standard of health care.
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if you are seeking fittedness inspiration look no further than bill benson. he is a track and field enthusiast who is still running races at the spry age of 96. cbs 2's steve overmyer joins us now with that story. >> i was just so amazed when i
5:40 pm
at valley stream. this 96-year-old at least says he is a meat and potatoes guy. he doesn't eat his veggies or take his vitamins. what he does is simple. he puts one foot in front of the other. >> my name is bill benson. i'm 96 and i'm a runner. >> reporter: you will find bill benson pushing 100 and still moving forward. what do you think about when you're running? >> sometimes that's the best part. you don't think about anything at all. if i had any problem at work, i could come home and run and by the time i was finished running, i really solved the problem. >> reporter: ryan wasn't always in his life. he stopped after college but he picked it up again on his wife's gentle suggestion. >> 60 is the magic age for me. it stopped everything and i started all over my whole life. >> reporter: what changed? >> well, i kept telling my wife that they don't make clothes like they used to. they are all shrinking. and she said, they're not shrinking. you're just getting fat! she was my inspiration.
5:41 pm
[ laughter ] >> reporter: which is exactly what he did. at the beginning he couldn't run more than 100 yards. but he got better. for 36 straight years, he won medals and set records for his age group. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: he is 17 races away from what he calls his final goal, 1,000 career races. about he says to get it done, he needs to hurry. >> best way to die is running while you're out on the road. no pain, no nothing, you don't sit in the hospital for weeks. great way to go. i don't know if that makes sense to anybody but only to runners probably. >> reporter: bill said the key to long life is goal setting. set your own finish line and achieve your goal. his next big goal is his favorite race. fifth avenue mile in september and maurice, kristine, he even knows that he wants to break the record for his age group. he is not going just to complete the mile. he wants to break a record.
5:42 pm
achieving it and the man has done it every year. i wouldn't doubt it this year >> you know what? that fifth avenue mile is a lot of fun. it's the only time you can run down fifth avenue from the met all the way down and not get in trouble or run over. you know? but it's a lot of fun so anyone that's looking to have a fun little race, it's only a mile. 20 blocks. >> they don't make clothes the way they used to. i love that line. [ laughter ] >> good for him. thanks. a broken wrist is a common injury that can put you in a cast for weeks. up next we'll show you a new procedure that could heal your bones from the inside. >> and then at 6:00 it is the greatest show on earth but ringling brothers will soon say good-bye to its famous elephants. we are there as they prepare for their final new york city performance. >> plus, fate and baseball. mets second baseman neil walker recounts the split- second decision his father made that led to his big league dreams. >> that's probably the craziest thing of it all, just
5:43 pm
of life could be completely changed if things had been different.
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joe. >> you disopensjoe guidice spoke to "entertainment tonight" alongside his wife who just got out of jail from bankruptcy fraud. she offered her husband advice about life behind bars. >> after everything we have been through, you know, the biggest thing i don't trust anyone. >> i think that's the easy part going to jail. i think it's what they put you through before you go. all right? what, um, you know, they try to mentally and physically break you down. >> you know what i mean? so, um, that's i think the hardest part of everything. >> he is expect to go to jail on march 23. for more on the interview watch "entertainment tonight" at 7:30 right after "the insider" only on cbs 2. broken wrists are some of the most common fractures in this country. 650,000 of them a year. they often lead to surgery which means pretty big
5:47 pm
but now cbs 2's dr. max gomez tells us about a new minimally invasive approach that makes surgery easier. >> reporter: people break their wrists mostly in a fall. on slippery streets, roller blading, hoverboards, snowboarding and so on. six weeks in a cast can mean a stiff wrist, shoulders and fingers. that's why broken wrists are increasingly being fixed with surgery and now a new device is making that much easier. this is what the x-ray looks like after a wrist has been repaired, plates, screws and peg that is do a good job but can lead to complications. >> nerves in the area can be irritated. plates also need to remain in for life. they can start to irritate tendons leading to rupture in a small percentage of patients. >> reporter: those complications were recently on the mind of eileen. she has been an avid snowboarder for 25 years. this past christmas the
5:48 pm
>> my board just stopped and i fell backwards and caught myself with both wrists. >> both of them broken. >> reporter: after x-rays confirmed the breaks she went to a hospital for special surgery. she got a new device for one of her wrists and conventional surgery for the other. instead of a plate and screws, the conventist drs system use and expandable metal cage that goes inside the broken bone. >> doesn't expose it to the tendons and nerves. smaller incisions and the thought being that we can reduce some of the soft tissue complications that are associated with the traditional treatments of surgery. >> reporter: through much smaller incisions, the device is inserted into the broken radius bone with a special memory metal expanding and hardening at body temperature. a couple of other screws lock it all in place. eileen's incision are almost invisible, smaller than the other wrist. and as for snowboarding?
5:49 pm
beautiful new snowboard to my daughter. [ laughter ] >> so i can't do it anymore. >> i would think so. >> reporter: while some very serious fractures still require conventional surgery, for common broken wrists, the device seems to give the same results as regular surgery as far as strength, range of motion and so on. but dr. wolf is now doing a scientific study to compare it to make sure to prove you get the same result with the new gizmo but tell you what it looks good. >> significant difference. >> you need the range of motion. >> no more snowboarding. might get to do some snowboarding around here. i don't know how much. >> just a little. >> let's find out. >> the "s" word coming down on juice there's going to be a little bit of snow out there. i'm going to show you once again those model projections. no one is going over the top on this snow. it's going to be a little bit of snow but we are talking a
5:50 pm
weather watchers. neptune city, dr. frankly fahrenheit, what are you telling us, dr. franklin? could we see winter's last hurrah? you know what? uhm? you had a lot of sun today. yesterday you had the warm temperatures. day before you had warmer temperatures still. there's snow out there. it's a pretty looking sky. high temperatures. do you remember talking with me yesterday? we were saying, you know what? you're going to get an almanac that's going to show an above- average temperature. you're 10 degrees above the average. throughout the day temperatures have been dropping and dropping and dropping. when you walked out heading out to work or school this morning, not so bad. nice looking day. when you walked out again it
5:51 pm
reading of the day and will continue to drop. it's going to still be windy tonight so the temperatures that you have, right now 39 it feels like 33, with the winds, it still is windy tonight. the winds will relax tomorrow. all right? and that snow chance that we're talking about is out there for friday. i'll show you everything, but first let's started with the wind. 10:00 tonight still blowing. everybody has a wind gust on this map, most everybody has one 20, 25 miles an hour. maybe stronger than that. that's 10:00 tonight. walking out tomorrow morning, let's say 8 a.m., now everyone has a wind gust basically 15 miles per hour or stronger and then you get into the afternoon everything sort of dives down to the single-digit winds blowing around the area. with that wind combined with cold temperatures, temperatures in the upper 20s in new york city, winds will make it feel like 10 to 20 degrees in a good chunk of our area north and west you feel like 0 to 10.
5:52 pm
that's -- that seems like pretty hard core winter to me. flurries around ulster county. snow chances by the time we get to friday. all the numbers i have been looking at are all small. we're talking about one model that says half inch to an inch. the bigger numbers on this model anywhere from half to inch and a half to two. late thursday into friday. but the numbers across the board: >> wednesday next week close to 70. >> warm. thank you. from an increase in pickpocket incidents to a barrage of subway slashings, people have certainly been concerned about various crimes as they compute to work. but once you arrive at the office you think you're safe, right? you plop your belongings at your desk and don't think twice about them. think again. >> the u.s. chamber of commerce did a study and found that three out of every four employees are stealing from
5:53 pm
>> while it's office supplies, lunches -- [ inaudible ] tonight at 11, cbs 2 explores cubicle crooks and what their colleagues and companies are now doing about them. >> i used the rest of your creamer the other day. >> you did? >> i did. >> again? >> i admit it! [ laughter ] >> not really. [ laughter ] >> but i get it. tired of winter? stick around. we have a glimpse of spring blooms. why you need to start thinking about your garden right now! >> and then at 6:00, they
5:54 pm
it's not all about aging. so, what moves me? it's the journey. the feeling of doing. it's making choices for a healthier me, a healthier us. i'm on my path and i love it. the path to a healthier you starts with nature's path pumpkin flax granola. crunchy clusters of delicious organic oats, flax and pumpkin seeds, with all the goodness to nourish you and your family. nature's path granola.
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5:56 pm
spring is within reach and a sign is the annual flower & garden show on long island. carolyn gusoff has tips on how to get ready for spring now. >> reporter: no, it's not too soon to turn frigid fingers into green thumbs. >> the days getting longer. the sun is up for a substantial amount of time and warning the soil. >> reporter: spring is not only in sight. it's in full view at the hicks nursery flower & garden show an annual turning point.
5:57 pm
it's finally just around the corner. you're just about there. >> reporter: okay it felt like an abbreviated winter. to rest? >> oh, yeah. plenty of winter. spring. than last year. >> reporter: don't worry about snow in the forecast either. the cold dips. if you are eager to get dirty mulch. >> you have to water less so the roots stay moist with less water. >> reporter: and yes, put in early plants. >> the first rotation goes in now with heathers and tulips and forced bulbs. you can plant ranunculus and pansies are the ultimate that they go in now. they like the cold. >> reporter: if you plant the same things year after year because you think you know what grows best in the northeast, experts say borrow ideas from the southwest or
5:58 pm
indoor plants outside. >> you can do tropicals and they will live all summer long. >> reporter: but don't be impatient. it's still not safe to plant the old favorite impatiens. they're still gone from your landscape due to powdery mildew. >> there's better things. begonias now, some of the new varieties performing better than impatiens. you get more coverage, longer bloom time. >> reporter: last year at this time the ground was frozen two feet deep. not this year! the ground is ready. are you? in westbury, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> the show officially opens tomorrow and runs through march 20th. that's it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 start right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. slashed at dunkin' donuts a worker cut across the face by a homeless man on the same day the mayor announced a new plan to try to stop similar
5:59 pm
>> and she watched helplessly as her daughter was run over and killed. tonight a mother's message for the man behind the wheel. a teenager attacked on the slopes. a local doctor accused of throwing the punches. what happened when he appeared before a judge today. >> calls to resign. the fallout for governor christie's trump endorsement. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. the mayor and commissioner say they are doing something about the slashings. today they unveiled a new plan to try to stop the attacks on the subway. >> but with slashings up over 22% this year, 657 attacks in just the first two months of 2016, are new subway patrols enough? cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer is "demanding answers" from the mayor and is here now with what he had to say. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, there's no question that slashings are a problem in new york city. just this morning a dunkin' donuts worker required 7
6:00 pm
inflicted by a homeless person on her. that was above ground. last week there were 15 subway slashingings out of 650. i have asked the mayor about it repeatedly and today i asked again. what are you going to do for the slashings that occur above ground? that's really a concern. what will you tell new yorkers about the next -- maybe the next step, which is to increase police presence in areas where you think these slashings are -- >> that's exactly the point. whenever nypd sees a problem area they will put more personnel on it and flood the zone and make sure the resources are there to protect new yorkers. >> reporter: do you have any specific plans to do on the streets of new york what been -- >> again i'm going to turn to the chief but i want to emphasize there's been no pattern so anytime a pattern does emerge, nypd can apply resources to it. >> reporter: the nypd is applying resources to the subways with a plan similar to


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